Often, I would skip meals in order to feed my children. Many times, they would ask for a glass of milk and I would be unable to provide it.
With the assistance that I am receiving today, my children can eat what all little children need to eat in order to grow properly, all that which we went without for years.
Now, I feel more secure and confident about their future
Κ. (Mom – Beneficiary of Πρώτα το Παιδί – Children First)
Our Beneficiaries
We support children and families who are living at or below the poverty line. Our beneficiaries are families that struggle to meet their basic needs, yet strive to offer their children the opportunity to have a better future. The families we assist are either single-parent families or families with one or both unemployed parents that have been severely affected by the country’s long, ongoing financial crisis, with children of all ages and with many urgent needs.
We work with the Social Services of Municipalities who bring us into contact with the most vulnerable families seeking assistance in their area. Today, in cooperation with the Municipality of Aigaleo, we are providing 20 children aged a few months old to 17 years old: nutritional assistance (vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, fish etc.,) monitoring by a pediatrician, a dentist and a nutritionist, as well as English language lessons and after-school sports activities for the older children, while we are also providing regular counseling sessions for the parents.
In total, including the children and their caretakers, 39 members of the families are benefiting from our services.

Get to know some of the families that we support

Get to know K. and G.’s family

K. and G. have three children, aged 2 to 11 years old.
They live in a small, dark basement apartment, but their home is filled with love. The children do not have a room of their own, but they have decorated the space with drawings of things that they are fond of.
When we met the family, their ability to eat healthily was minimal, since the household’s one sole salary was needed to cover all of their fixed costs.
Thus, we immediately began offering nutritional assistance, as well as providing regular monitoring by a pediatrician and a nutritionist for the children and by an obstetrician-gynecologist for the pregnant mother. We also began regular counseling sessions with the parents.
Subsequently, we enrolled the older child in English language lessons and supplied all the necessary equipment for her remote schooling during the quarantine, as well as scheduled her first dental appointments.
Today, in addition to drawings of unicorns and family portraits on their home’s walls, one can find drawings of something new the children are enjoying: colorful, fresh fruit juices.
Πρώτα το Παιδί Beneficiaries
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Get to know D.’s family

D.  is raising her two children aged 7 and 8 on her own.
During our first meeting, we got to know a person who has been through many struggles, but strives endlessly to offer the best she can for her children.
Their nutritional needs were great; often, the food they had was not enough to fulfill the family’s needs. They seldom could afford meat or fish, and even milk was in low supply in their refrigerator.
We presently provide nutritional assistance and regular monitoring by a pediatrician for the children, as well as counseling sessions to help support and empower the mother. We also supplied the necessary equipment for the older child to attend his classes via remote schooling during the quarantine.
Our next steps include scheduling regular dental monitoring and any dental work that may be required for the children, as well as their enrollment in after-school sports activities that they enjoy, such as Tae Kwon Do.
Today, their refrigerator is stocked with milk, meat and fish and the children no longer have to go without any of the foods that are so important for their healthy development.

Get to know S.’s family

S. is a single mother with two children aged 4 and 11, S. joined our programs in January 2021.
Tireless and caring, she tries with strength and patience to overcome any obstacles in raising her children in a safe, loving environment.
Their many needs are urgent, in both the areas of nutrition and medical care; one of the children is not covered by health insurance and the family is unable to bear the financial costs of covering ongoing medical needs or unforeseen medical emergencies, an issue that causes daily stress and distress for the mother.
Our next steps include the holistic integration of the children in all of the areas in which we work, including supplying weekly food deliveries, enrolling the children in after-school activities that they enjoy and providing regular monitoring by a pediatrician and a dentist. Finally, we will offer regular, weekly counseling sessions for the mother.
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