In-Kind Gifts

Donate to Our Programs
Your Company can support Πρώτα το Παιδί – Children First and the children we empower by providing them with goods or services depending on their needs.
This will help our beneficiary families obtain the materials and services necessary for their children’s education, medical care and overall development.
This includes:
  • School supplies and computers or tablets
  • Medical services such as preventative medical services, medical exams, surgical services etc. 
Donate to Πρώτα το Παιδί-Children First
Additionally, you can help by sponsoring products and materials that we need to operate in Athens:
  • Computers, laptops and other electronics such as printers, scanners or software
  • Office supplies
If you are interested in making an in-kind donation, please contact so that we can discuss our present needs. We will be happy to showcase your logo and donation on our communication channels (website, social media, print materials).